Thursday, January 17, 2013

Blogger of the Owens Valley

This blog will offer scientific perspectives and scientific publication links, as well as images, that relate to the Eastern High Sierra which is the southeastern section of the Sierra Nevada Mountains along US 395 in California's Inyo and Mono counties.

Living in the Owens Valley since 1971, I've observed its meteorology, seismology, and geology with fascination. There are many people who have wandered here and never left, I am one of those.  Artists, scientists, adventurists, all have found what they have been looking for in this land of contrasts.

Anthropologists will love this place as well, with its isolated culture and institutions that have survived intact through a century and a half of evolution through the timeline of the modern world.   The "Old West" is alive here if you are willing sit with your eyes closed and take in the pungent smell of ever-flowing ditch water that still irragates the ranching fields and small gardens of the Ownes Valley.

There is much to experience here, and much to learn.

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